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December 2017

QMF was awarded the concrete works contract by Haslin Constructions to upgrade the Goulburn Wastewater Treatment Plant in the regional township of Goulburn in the NSW Southern Tablelands.

The upgrade had been driven by the need to ensure sewer discharge meets modern day environmental standards as well as future population growth projections. The current treatment plant was constructed in 1918 and is well beyond a use by date; an upgraded Wastewater Treatment Plant will have positive environmental impacts and provide the infrastructure for future growth in Goulburn. 

Scope of works on this project included but was not limited to:

  • Inlet works

  • UV disinfection facility

  • Filtrate storage tank

  • Membrane operating system

  • Bioreactor Tank

  • Chemical delivery area

  • Septage receival area

  • Fine screening facility

  • Flowmeter pits

  • Chemical dosing facility

  • Sludge lagoons

  • Supernatant Pump Station

  • Storm pond inlet & outlet structure

  • Recycle effluent system

Other aspects of the project included working within a tight construction program, access constraints, working at heights, working with conventional and engineered formwork systems to deliver a detailed product, adapting program to accommodate winter weather patterns.

Works completed December 2017

Project Contact:

Greg Dowling – Haslin Constructions

Goulburn Wastewater Treatment Plant: Project
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