QMF Construction is a specialist formwork contractor that operates across Australia. 

QMF Construction was formed in 2010 when Francis Moran and James Quinn joined forces.

Prior to QMF, both Francis and James operated their own successful formwork companies, formerly known as Loughrea Constructions and Quinnplex.  Both Francis and James have built a strong reputation for their quality of work and have worked with various top-tier and mid-tier building contractors and government agencies across Australia.

They both shared the same vision to become the leading formwork contractor and as result formed QMF Construction.

Where and how we work

QMF Construction operations are situated right across both NSW and QLD, where Francis Moran manages the NSW operations, whilst James Quinn manages the QLD operations.  To ensure the highest standard of work is achieved within strict time frames, both Francis and James allocate a large portion of their time working and managing projects directly onsite.

The key benefit of joining forces has been to QMF’s advantage, as QMF Construction has acquired an experienced team which includes:

  • Concrete construction specialists to build the project

  • A project management team to ensure deadlines are met and to the highest quality

  • A safety and environmental team, to ensure all aspects of safety and environment are at the forefront of everything we do.

With our workforce located between New South Wales and Queensland, QMF Construction is able to effectively and efficiently provide the man-power to tackle any project across the east coast and beyond.